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 Trainig speed from feeble to weak

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Rokudou Kouken


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Age : 27
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Name: Kouken Rokudou
Village: Rain

PostSubject: Trainig speed from feeble to weak   Tue Dec 11, 2007 11:20 pm

*Beep,beep,beep*, the sound of a alarm clock going off on a nightstand in the room of Kouken Rokudou. The annoyance of the alarm clock awoke Kouken. Still under the covers, he reaches his hand out to shut off his alarm clock. He slowly removes the covers off of his head and shifted his legs to sit up on the bed. His eyes were closed at the moment but he reached to get his headband on his nightstand and placed it over his eyes. He starts to strecth out his arms and lets out a big yawn. He stands up and starts walking towards his closet. He opens it up and picks out his attire; a black wife-beater with black pants and a black jacket to protect hims from the rain. But today was a special day for him. He was going to train himself today since his sensei was not available at the moment. He reaches down to a drawer. He opens it and reveals many ninja weapons, scrolls, and training weights. He grabbed the training weights and started to wrap it around both of his legs. When he stood up, he almost stumble and fell because of the extra baggage. "Dang, this is going to be a long and hard day, I can almost feel it" He slowly walks out of room heading towards the kitchen. Each step he took was going to be a hard and difficult task to achieve. So he starts to walk around the house. It seemed annoying at first but in order to get use to it he would have to start at least walking in it. When he finally done walking he reach back into the kitchen to eat a quick breakfast. He reaches in the cupboard to get a protein bar and puts it in his pocket. He opens up a container filled with powder. He reaches into another cupboard to get a large cup. He fills the cup up 1/4 of way of protein powder and then adds milk to it. He starts to stir and looking at it would make anyone throw up but he had gotten use to it. He puts his spoon down and grabs the cup and starts to chug the whole thing of protein shake. He when was done he throws the cup in his sink. He tighten ups his headband over his eyes, grabs his keys and walks out of the door.

As he was locking his door he thought to himself Well I need to get stronger in order for me to become a good revolutionary so I need to train my body but also my mind as well he starts to jog into the city. Since it was early in the morning and no was out he decided to jump onto the building but it was almost a difficult task to do because of the extra weight but he manage to get up there.

He jumps from building to buidling. The reason being is because jumping also helps in speed as well and it was a experiment he was planning on doing for awhile. At one point or another his legs would start to ache in pain but it made Kouken push himself even further. His calves were burning from the intense weight and would barely function when he tried to jump higher and higher. There was times were he almost fell of some of the buildings but grabbed on to the edges of the buildings. The people of the village saw Kouken jumping from building to building curious of what he was planning on doing and what was his goal by running and jumping from buiding to builiding. For at least two hours he was running at full speed and jumping off buildings around the village. When he finish that part of the workout his jumped down off of the building. He was breathing extremely hard and was almost drain. He starts to walk but falls over for a moment. "No, I cant be done, not yet, just alittle more" In his mind he starts to see images, he thought he was hallcinating but then he saw a image of when his father told him "In order to become a better person one must push themself in order to acheive your goal" he remember that before his family died in a terrible mission when he was six years old. He gave him his rain village headband for good luck and from that day one he continue to wear it over his eyes. From there on he knew he wanted to be stronger. He grabs on to a near-by box and lifts himself from it. His breathing was intense, very deep and when he tried to walk he let out a groan "Dont you dare give up on me legs, im not done yet" He starts to jog towards the forest.

The next workout he going to do is add on more weight to his legs, he wanted to experiment how far his body would go before he was going to pass out. He was jogging at a slow speed, he was pushing his body as much as it could go. At one point he was running up hills and didnt know how he could of done them without passing out "I dont ever want to show weakness to my opponents, never show that your weak. I have a iron-will" he kept on reapting himself. He started to go up extremely large hills large hills. Then he started to sprint at full speed, pushing himself, the adreneline in his body was going all out, he felt like he wasnt going to stop "I think I can I think I can" he said repeating himself. But after a long while his body just stopped him from moving, his couldnt feel his legs and went numb after he went up his final hill. He started to feel drowsy, almost to a point of sleeping. When he got up the hill, he fell over and collaspe on the ground.

It started to rain in the deep, dense forest. Tiny drops of rain splashed on Kouken's face. His face cringhed up. He opens his eyes seeing the dark clouds in the sky. He slowly lifts himself up and rubs his legs. "Maybe I pushed myself to hard" he said. His quad, and calves muscelse were burning. He grabs on to a tree and lift himself up and slowly started to walk towards the village. He didnt want to take off the weights because using them would show that he would never give up even though it was killing his legs and it felt like his legs were about to fall apart. He started to walk towards the village. Walking wasnt the hard part nor was it the part where it was extremely painful, it was the part that made him push himself. He had a feeling like he didnt get much out of it and almost fell over. But his father voice kept on reapting "Even in times of pain there will always be a light"

Finally after walking a fifteen minutes, he reaches his house. He leans up against the door to gain some balance He goes in his pockets and grabs his keys. He opens the door and as soon as he is inside he falls over. He crawls to his couch were he lays himself on it. He was too tired to take a shower and way too tired to take off his clothes. Basically he too tired to do anything, so he drifts off to sleep thinking about the next day.
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Trainig speed from feeble to weak
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