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 Training Taijutsu feeble to weak Done Training

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Number of posts : 215
Age : 24
Localisation : Hidden Mist
Registration date : 2007-03-17

Ninja Scroll
Name: Seigeti
Village: Mist
Level: 13

PostSubject: Training Taijutsu feeble to weak Done Training   Sat Jul 07, 2007 4:24 pm

sarou wakes up from training yesterday and goes and grabs his puppet koriame and then goes downstairs and sees that his mom dad and brother are downstairs and he goes and gives he bro a noogie and then eats some breakfast and goes outside and starts to train with kuroime then starts just fighting against some trees practicing with his fists and until his fists started hurting and sooner than he thought someone came and asked to fight sarou so he appceted and began the fight the person started winning but than sarou thought of an idea to win so he let the person hit him and then it turned out to be his puppet kuroime and than he made him hit the person until the person gave up which wasnt very long and the person came over and congratulated him on the win and then gave him a little tip to never let the oppenent hit him and then told him that he might not have changed into kuroime and thats when sarou started practiceing more on his taijutsu so if he couldnt change into kuroime so the person helped him and what the person did was make clones which sarou didnt know how to do and then the person told sarou to defend against the clones attacks so he tried to do that but kept blocking at the wrong spot so the person gave him some more advice about blocking his attacks and then he tried again and blocked most of the blows and counter attacked some of them yet the person still thought that he needed work on the blows so the person made even more clones and said for sarou to fight them all and so he did and beat most of them execpt for about six or seven because he got tired and the person let them have a break which was good for him because he was getting very very tired so after about twenty or thirty minutes they started again to see if sarou was any better and he was he defeted all of them and almost beat the person in a dual and the person clapped and congratulated sarou and let sarou go home because it was getting dark and when he did get home his parents wondered where he was and he told them what happened and they told him that must have been some good training which sarou thought it was and then he went to his room and put kuroime away and went to sleep

Done Training
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Number of posts : 70
Age : 23
Registration date : 2007-04-19

Ninja Scroll
Name: Ryu Kasumi
Village: Hidden Leaf

PostSubject: Re: Training Taijutsu feeble to weak Done Training   Sat Jul 07, 2007 6:29 pm

Words:426 you may raise your stat to weak
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Training Taijutsu feeble to weak Done Training
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