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 Training Speed Weak to Low Done Training

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Number of posts : 327
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Registration date : 2007-02-05

Ninja Scroll
Name: Nai Uchiha
Village: Sand
Level: 31

PostSubject: Training Speed Weak to Low Done Training   Thu May 24, 2007 9:03 pm

sandman woke up and then thought of something and then got it out of his head fast then he went down stairs and looked around and his parents werent there but then he heard sroning so he knew his dad was home then he heard a girlly snort which his mom usually does so he knew they were both there and then he had some breakfast and then looked outside to see if anyone was there but luckily no one was then after he finished his breakfast he went outside and looked around to find something to do then he thought he should train in his speed so he went somewhere and the he heard some noises and when he looked around he saw some he didnt remember or so he thought looked in his eyes and he reilzed that it was riku again but this time it wasnt as bad as the other one this one kindof helped sandman cause he had to dodge alot of stuff and most of the stuff was logs,rocks,boulders,or weapons he dodged alot of them but when he thought he finished he got hit by a log in the illusion and then he hurt all over in the illusion but he could still move and he tried to dodge the logs and traps that where coming at him but it was like he got weaker and weaker everytime he moved so then he thought of something and waited till there was another weapon trap and there was one close but he had to get through two more traps he got through one then he got hit with the other and that made him feel very weak and then he relized something the more he stays in the illusions the weaker he feels so he runs until he activates the trap and what he does is he lets the weapons fall at him but when they are all at least four maybe five feet away from him he makes alot of his chakra come and hit the weapons and then he falls out of the illusion but he doesnt wake up in his regular body he wakes up in a dark place and when he tries to move he cant and then he hears a foot and looks around because the one of the only things he can move is his eyes but he cant see anyone then he hears some dripping water and then he can move and he turns around and sees someone wearing black but it looks like someone he has never meet then the person points at sandman and sandman thinks what the heck why are you pointing at me then the guy makes a movement that means come here so he starts walking forward but then he falls out of the illusion and when he wakes up he figures out that he is in the hospital and he hears someone and then he reconizes the voice his mom and then he hears a voice that he doesnt know and then he tries to get up but someone keeps him down and then since he isnt allowed to get up he just trys to hear what the doctor is saying but all he can hear is these words "he keeps going in an illusion we need to do something and it will take awhile to do its a surgury"then sandman fainted or so he thought when he fainted he woke up and he was on the ground and he felt faster and he also felt like something was wrong with his mind and then he went home and went to sleep after hitting himself in the head about ten maybe twenty times

then when he woke up the next day he went downstairs to check something in the middle of the night what he wanted to check is if he had something to eat he hadnt ate anything for awhile so he looked around and all he could find is some popcorn and then he heats it up then he eats it and goes up stairs and goes to bed again

done training

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Number of posts : 2933
Age : 24
Registration date : 2006-11-24

Ninja Scroll
Name: Suta
Village: Hidden Leaf
Level: 97

PostSubject: Re: Training Speed Weak to Low Done Training   Fri May 25, 2007 9:36 pm

Word Count: 690

Good job, you may raise your speed to Low.

Sad how your character is suffering from Genmeasia... loti I made that up! XD

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Training Speed Weak to Low Done Training
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