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 Training Taijutsu Feeble to Weak Done

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Number of posts : 327
Age : 25
Registration date : 2007-02-05

Ninja Scroll
Name: Nai Uchiha
Village: Sand
Level: 31

PostSubject: Training Taijutsu Feeble to Weak Done   Tue May 22, 2007 6:51 pm

sandman wakes up one morning and thinks he should go train something he hasnt so he thinks between genjutsu and taijutsu and his mind was made up fast he was going to train taijutsu so he went outside and started training first he did 100 push-ups then he did 250 sit-ups then he had to go and find a metal bar and when he found it he went back to his training place after running into riku who said "havent seen ya in a while"then after he got back to his training spot he went and put the metal bar in the middle of two trees high enough to have to jump up to have to grab it then he jumps up and grabs the bar and does 400 pull-ups well he tries after one hundred he falls to the ground and hears some noise then he turns around and no one is there so he gets up and walks around but his leg hurts so every other time he takes a step he falls and hits a tree and then he hears the voice again but this time it is closer and when he turns around this time he sees these weird eyes looking at him but then they disapper and then sandman feels this weird feeling like he can never forget those eyes and then he sits down and falls asleep in that spot when he woke up the next day he could feel his legs again and his arms werent stiff but what was weird was that he smelt some food and when he looked around he didnt see any food then he thought it was his imagination but then he hears someone singing and when he lloks around to see who is singing he sees blue and wonders when did she get here i thought she couldnt see me anymore but then she disappered like she was never really there then he looks around to see if anyone was there and no one was then he shook his head and said this inside his head "its all just fake maybe the eyes you saw last night made an illision"then he realized something riku had weird eyes like that so he then ran to go find riku and when he did he found that riku had the same eyes that he saw last night red eyes (Ranmarus Eyes look on then he sandman fell into a genjutsu that made him feel he would never wake up but he woke up a couple hours later by someone dumping water on his head and when that happened he got out of the genjutsu and then he said thanks to the person and went home thinking he made friends with and evil person then he went to bed

done training

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Number of posts : 70
Age : 23
Registration date : 2007-04-19

Ninja Scroll
Name: Ryu Kasumi
Village: Hidden Leaf

PostSubject: Re: Training Taijutsu Feeble to Weak Done   Wed May 23, 2007 1:54 pm

Word Count:469

you can raise it to weak
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Training Taijutsu Feeble to Weak Done
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