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 Mist NPCs

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Number of posts : 2933
Age : 24
Registration date : 2006-11-24

Ninja Scroll
Name: Suta
Village: Hidden Leaf
Level: 97

PostSubject: Mist NPCs   Sat May 05, 2007 10:44 pm

Mists NPCs are as follows

Name: Narok Hyouton

Gender: Male

Rank: Genin

Village: Mist

Appearence: He allways wears his no-sleeved shirt and short grey pants that reash a foot above his heels, he has the figure of one from the Hyouton bloodline, a boys face with a female's complexion. He has lise black hair and a light turqoise eye color.

-Scroll of Weapons


Narok: 4/4 25
Health: 1500
Chakra: 4500
Attacks: Human /50 Senbon /x2


-Stab of 1000 Needles
-Grand Fireball Jutsu
-Fire Dragon Jutsu
-Phenix Flower Jutsu

-Water Walking
-Eye of the Hawk
-Dance of the Swirling Mist

How he is known: As a strange child endeed. He is from the Hyouton bloodline and he knows his specefic ice jutsus, but he has a fire element chakra, a very, very strange combination. He is also known for his quick advancement and profound skills in the area of the Dance of the Swirling Mist. He is the son of Mist's founding Mizukage. (Mizukage zero)
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Number of posts : 2933
Age : 24
Registration date : 2006-11-24

Ninja Scroll
Name: Suta
Village: Hidden Leaf
Level: 97

PostSubject: Re: Mist NPCs   Sun Jun 13, 2010 7:52 pm

NAME: Hirosashi Suna


RANK: None. Ex-Ninja.

VILLAGE: Mist Village

Hirosashi doesn't look any different than the average person, he usually is seen wearing dusty dirty work clothes that have wood chippings all over them from working in the parts shop. He hates all sort of violence too. He has a strong sense of justice and will do whatever it takes to save someone, especially if it is someone close to him.

Hirosashi is a somewhat friendly guy who is liked by everyone in the village, he doesn't like the way the Mist Village graduates their students, but he says the village is still better than the Sand Village. Reasons he says this are unknown.


Puppet: Incinerator (Looks somewhat like a giant lizard with half a puppet body stuck on to upper back. Just wears a large cloak to hide most mechanisms. is basically the ultimate defense and offense puppet. He hates to use it though.)

It is armed with Flamethrower and Aqua Jet that can be shot from it's mouth, is big and heavy and can flatten people or destroy large objects, can be somewhat fast for a ramming attack, but apart from that: always slow.

There is a large hatch on it's back leading to a huge incinerator (hence the name), which is usually used for putting people in to burn them alive. It can also be used for many other things. How this large incinerator was attached to this puppet, only Hirosashi himself knows. This is also the source of the flamethrower's power.

The source of the aqua jet is a huge water tank in the center of the puppet to be only ever released in the case of an emergency with the incinerator needing to be cooled off. The water tank is replenished daily weeky.

The last and possibly the most important thing about Incinerator is the hatch under it's belly which can only be opened by chakra strings. Inside is a large compartment, with a large seat, for Hirosashi to sit in as he controls the puppet from the inside. The compartment is the strongest and most durable part of the puppet.

-Puppet: Grabber (is just half a puppet body stuck onto Incinerator, is designed to work with incinerator. Unlike other puppets wears nothing but close to destruction old-fashioned battle armor.)
Grabber can be detached from Incinerator with wires leading into back to puppet, wires are really thick and strong, the only mechanism for Incinerator is to grab and let go, although its chest can open up to reveal one circular saw which jumps out and cuts up anything in it's way. Its grab can almost never be escaped as it is made of some of the earth's toughest substances. It is also fire-proof.

A unique puppet technique for only Incinerator and Grabber can perform together. grabber must attempt to grab the enemy, and if that works out will be pulled back by the wires, also, while still holding the enemy the incinerator will open up and the puppet on the back of Incinerator's body and Grabber still holding the enemy will jump in with the wires relaxing now. Until the enemy is burnt to a crisp, the hatch will not open. When it does Grabber will be pulled back onto place by the wires, ready for use again.

Hirosashi 7/7 35
Health: 3000
Chakra: 4000
Status: Normal
Attacks: Chakra x2

- Clone Jutsu
- Healing Jutsu
- Substitution
- Transformation
- Water Clone Jutsu

- Tree Climbing
- Water Walking
- One with the puppets
- Calmed Chakra

Level 7 Water Recomposition x3 (900 Damage)

How is he Known?
Not much is known of Hirosashi about the fact that he was once a master puppeteer in the Village Hidden in the Sand and that for unknown reasons quit being a ninja at a fairly young age and left to the Mist Village. He now owns a parts store in the Village Hidden in the Mist mainly focusing on Puppet parts but sells all kinds of goods. He is still not a half-bad ninja.

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Mist NPCs
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