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 Training Speed Feeble to Weak

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Number of posts : 157
Age : 24
Localisation : hidden leaf
Registration date : 2007-02-03

Ninja Scroll
Name: Mamoru
Village: Hidden Leaf
Level: 5

PostSubject: Training Speed Feeble to Weak   Wed Apr 25, 2007 6:48 pm

akarmaru wakes up and goes down stairs and sees a note on his refrigerator saying "hi akarmaru i left some cerial for you love mom"akarmaru thinks his mom treats him to much like a little baby then he wants to be so he goes and eats some cearal then he goes out of his house and thinks he should train in something that he needs to be a good trainer in taijutsu so he walks around the village trying to find some good advice to learn how to get his speed up easily he figures out most of the people say use weights but akarmaru doesnt have the money to buy some weights so he starts to think what is hevier and is hard to carry then he thought rocks ill carry rocks around the village and jax with have to carry some but littler than his so he does man-beast clone and then goes and finds some good size rocks then he finds some stuff to tie them onto his legs with some string then he starts walking around the village but he cant that well because he still is tried because it isnt that late in the day and he just barely woke up about maybe two hours ago so then he tells his dog jax to stop and then he dispells his jutsu and unties his dog from the rock then he does it to himself then he goes and looks for a bench or something to sit on and rest his legs for a bit then he finds a ramen shop and goes and eats there then goes and looks for the rocks but when he gets to the place he left them they were gone and then he saw some more smaller rocks that he went and grabbed but then he said this wont work and thought for a second what if he threw the rock and tried to keep up with it maybe he could and maybe he couldnt so then he threw the rock and tried to make it at least go twenty maybe thirty feet and then he started running keeping his eye on the rock and not what infront of him and he feel over someone and when he looked at the person it was someone bleeding really baddly then he grabbed the person and started running to the ninja hospital and he barely got there in time to save him and then akarmaru was happy that he saved someone but he was kindof sad that he accidently kicked the kid and wondered who did that to him so he went and asked the kid and the kid said that he doesnt know he just felt pain and then blacked out then akarmaru went home and went to sleep feeling like crap sick and sad

done training
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Number of posts : 2933
Age : 24
Registration date : 2006-11-24

Ninja Scroll
Name: Suta
Village: Hidden Leaf
Level: 97

PostSubject: Re: Training Speed Feeble to Weak   Thu Apr 26, 2007 9:07 pm

OMG it`s the ghost of Suta coming to save the day!

So first of all, good post, I wont count the words but I need you to edit your post about the ninja hospital, however they do help people, they help `ninja`. So just fix the fact it is a ninja hospital and just make it an emergency hospital.


The Ghost of Suta.

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Training Speed Feeble to Weak
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