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 Training Speed fro feeble to weak

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Ninja Scroll
Name: Byejin
Village: Hidden Rain

PostSubject: Training Speed fro feeble to weak   Tue Apr 03, 2007 8:01 am

Byejin walks out of his uncle's house, looking for a place to train. While he is walking to the beach, he says to himself, "I know to become a great ninja, i must be fast, strong, and master jutsus. But first of all, a samauri must work on his speed." Halfway to the beach, he sees this dog eating something on the side of the path. Byejin never had good encounters with dogs, so he started walking slow. The dog looks at him and stares him in the eyes. Byejin jumps cause he sees the dog's mouth is full of blood. Byejin's imagination goes wild. "What could he been eating??? Did he kill someone???"" So byejin takes a closer loo at the bloody thing on the floor, but doesn't get too close becuase thr dog is still staring at him. "Whew... its just a dead rabbit." And Byejin starts walking again. He forgets the dog is still staring at him. And the dog doesn't like a person turning its back on him. So the dog starts barking mad. Byejin jumps and starts to run. The dog starts chasing him. Byejin is is running like it no tomorrow but its no use. He's not used to running in the forest. Him and his uncle live in a mountain where the air is thin and no forests thrive. The dog is catching up and Byejin thinks of his uncle. He says to himself," If I can be defeated by a dog, how will I be able to finish a mission?" So he starts to think like a samuari. Soon he notices that the forest has a pattern in trees. Two left, two right, one left, two right, one left, and back again. After figuring this out, Byejin starts sprinting. The dog is right about to pounce on him when Byejin starts sprinting, but missing him by an inch. Byejin is now closer to being a great ninja, now that he has the pattern of the forest. But Byejins training isnt over. When Byejin reaches the beach, hs starts to jog, and run on the sand. He knows that the best way to train speed is running on sand. Byejin makes an obstacle course on the beach and trains. He wades in the water to work his lower abdominal area, and thighs. Its no use on only training one part of the leg, so Byejins trains on everything. He does all the excercises that was ever invented and even created some on the spot. He runs till nightfall and heads home. He is tired from training and on his way home, he encounters the same dog from before. Even though Byejin was exhausted, he starts running again from the Adrenaline of the wild dog chasing him. When Byejin reaches his uncle's house, he told him all about the day's adventure, and both of them fell asleep.

Right before Byejin falls asleep, he says to hiimself, "If this is the way of the ninja, i think imma like this. But i'm going to be the first ever ninja-samauri. Mark my words uncle, I will make you happy." His muscles sore and legs aching, he says, "I wonder what will i train on next? My strength, speed again, stamina? My possibilities are endless."
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Ninja Scroll
Name: Sankay Kawairashii
Village: Hidden Leaf
Level: 54

PostSubject: Re: Training Speed fro feeble to weak   Wed Apr 04, 2007 5:38 pm


word count: 548!

you can now raise you speed!

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Training Speed fro feeble to weak
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