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 Secondary Guide

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Number of posts : 2933
Age : 24
Registration date : 2006-11-24

Ninja Scroll
Name: Suta
Village: Hidden Leaf
Level: 97

PostSubject: Secondary Guide   Thu Mar 22, 2007 9:44 pm

If you get some one to play NG. And they PM me a message saying,

*Name of person* Told me about this game.

Then the *name of person* will be elegible to earn one of these presents!

Another way to get it to advertise on another site and post in site advertisment that your advertising and If someone joins (and makes a character) within the time period you will get a gift. Weather they saw the signature or not.

-2 Senbon
-2 Shuriken
-5 Stat Raises

If you get 3 people to join then you can get one of the following!

-10 Shuriken
-10 Senbon
-5 Kunai
-D ranked jutsu
-D ranked ability
-15 stat raises

If you get 5 people to join then its your lucky day cause you can get

-Kunai Pack
-Shuriken Pack
-Senbon Pack
-Rank up! (Genin to Chunin)
-25 stat raises!
-2 Wood 3 Steel 1 WetLeaf 2 HardSandOil!

If you get the amazing number of 10 people to join (This seemes almost impossible) Then You Get The One The Only!

-Sugoi-Rebu Katana!
2500 Per swing
50% Chance of mutilating
100% Chance of bleeding
2 swings for 1 energy point.


And if you get 20 people to join, then you get the perfect character.

300 Every Stat.
Any 3 E ranked jutsus.
Any 5 D ranked jutsus.
And 5 C ranked jutsus.
Any 5 B ranked Jutsus.
Any 2 A ranked Jutsus.
Any 1 S ranked jutsu.
[You won't get another but you will have the sword above.]
A Ranked Ability: Sword Specialist.


and for pete's sake (no not the japanese drink) give your character a name that fits the naruto world that DOSEN'T belong to a character from any anime. A name like Kendory Shuu (good) Edward Jhones (Bad) and, ButtonMasher (Dude WTF are you thinking?)

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Number of posts : 2933
Age : 24
Registration date : 2006-11-24

Ninja Scroll
Name: Suta
Village: Hidden Leaf
Level: 97

PostSubject: Re: Secondary Guide   Sat Mar 31, 2007 10:32 am

A final message on names AND usernames. Please I beg of you don't have numbers in you name... and please, please don't make your names anything like:

Kakashi... take my point?

And then if your going to make your characters name or your Username start with anything like: Uchia Hyuuga Kumo.... or anything like clan names or bloodlines. Then that will be allowed, but no anime names. And thus, if your name (Take mine for example) is Suta, and you WANT to be Uchia. Then don't make your Username Uchia. Make it Uchia Suta.

Finaly, please try your best to make your characters name the same as your Username. This said I hope eavryone obeys the rules.


For future refference, don't respond useless messages like:





Those are useless, only respond when nessesary! As if it's a no or something in that general area.

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Number of posts : 2933
Age : 24
Registration date : 2006-11-24

Ninja Scroll
Name: Suta
Village: Hidden Leaf
Level: 97

PostSubject: Re: Secondary Guide   Fri Apr 10, 2009 9:19 pm

This is the rule that will be known under the name of......

The Epix Rule

If you belive you have an excess of points, or just arn't in the mood for writing a huge paragraph for training, you can use 5 training points to gain 1 stat, or similar.


5 Training Points for 1 Stat under 50
10 Training Points for 1 Stat under 100 but higher then 50
15 Training Points for 1 Stat under 150 but higher then 100

The same can be done for Jutsus


D Ranked Jutsus/Abilities = 200 Jutsu Points
C Ranked Jutsus/Abilities = 375 Jutsu Points
B Ranked Jutsus/Abilities = 625 Jutsu Points
A Ranked Jutsus/Abilities = 1000 Jutsu Points
S Ranked Jutsus/Abilities = 1500 Jutsu Points

And so on like that. This rule will be called Epix rule, so you know what I'm talking about when I say epix.

City Management


The Kages would control the village, each one controlling their respected village. If they are going away or just want some assisstance they can select a second in command to take care of things.

City Size:

Small Town: Building Limit is 5, Level 1, 1000$ (Create a new City)
Town: Building Limit is 10, Level 1, 800$
Large Town: Building Limit is 15, Level 2, 1600$
City: Building Limit is 20, Level 2, 2900$
Large City: Building Limit is 30, Level 3, 4300$
Metropolis: Buildig Limit is 50, Level 3, 5400$


As you have seen, there is something called Levels. Think of these as tech levels for what your village is can build. The following buildings will have levels, the village needs to be the corresponding level to build them. Units will also have these levels, depending on strength.

Level 1 Buildings:

Light Commerce: 200$ / Makes 50$ a Day
Training Camp: 400$ / Build 1 Level 1 Ninja a Day
Tents: 200$ Holds 10 NPC Ninjas
Wooden Wall: 500$/ Protects village, 5000 Health
Outpost: 400$/ 1 ninja can attack over the wall using a ranged attack at Double Damage.

Level 2 Buildings:

Medium Commerce: 500$/ Makes 100$ a Day
Barracks: 900$/ Build 3 Level 2 Ninjas a Day
House: 500$/ Holds 15 NPC Ninjas
Medic Tent: 1000$ Heals 200 Health for each unit spending 1 turn in the Medic Tent, can heal up to 5 Units, those units cannot fight at the same time.
Stone Walls: 1000$/ Protects village, 20'000 Health
Shuriken Turret: 800$/ Fires 2 Shuriken at up to 2 different ninjas

Level 3 Buildings:

Heavy Commerce: 1500$/ Makes 200$ a Day
Fort: 1800$/ Build 5 Level 3 Ninjas a Day
Mansion: 1000$/ Holds 20 NPC Ninjas
Hospital: 2000$ Heals 400 Health for each unit spending 1 turn in the Hospital, can heal up to 15 Units, those units cannot fight at the same time.
Cement Walls: 2000$/ Protects village, 40'000 Health
Kunai Turret: 1500$/ Fires 4 Shuriken at up to 4 different Ninjas

Steps for Conquest:

The first step to conquering the enemy is to start a no-man's-land battle. This battle will include players and NPCs alike. The winner will be the ones who are not dead, or who have not given up.
In war, there will be two (or three or more) teams fighting. The Kage can decide how many NPC ninjas and of what kind to send into the battle.
Once you have taken control of no-man's-land (outskirts), you can attack the enemy village directly. These attacks will be done by NPCs the village has created, as well as players. Firstly the attacker must get over the defenders wall if they have one, ninjas with tree walking can get over in a flash, without it they must bust through, while being shot at by ninjas and turrets. Once inside, the attacker can continue fighting until the defenders all die or give up or retreat. In the end, the winner will now have control of the village that was under siege.

Unit Examples:

Level 1 Unit: 3/3 15
Health: 1000
Chakra: 500
Attack 1x
Cost: 50$, Level 1

Level 2 Unit: 5/5 25
Health: 2000
Chakra: 1000
Attack 3x, Nin 2x
Grand Fireball Jutsu
Cost: 100$, Level 2

Level 3 Unit: 7/7 35
Health: 4000
Chakra: 2000
Attack 5x, Nin 3x
Cost: 200$, Level 3

Custom Unit Chart:

Name AP/MaxAP Stamina
Health MaxHealth
Chakra MaxChakra
Attacks (strength, taijutsu, ninjutsu, genjutsu, puppet, elemental recomposition)
Items or Weapons
Jutsus or Abilities

Every 3 days the money will be generated in the Kage's Vault.

There is something different about these NPCs from normal NPCs, War Value. The Cost of the unit = War Value. So the amount you pay for a unit is how much War Value they have. War value is used in large scale fights were there are no players and would be too difficult to manage. (Such as a battle with 20 vs 20 or 1000 vs 1000.) War value calculates the total War Value of both teams then turns them both into percentages with each other. Then it randomly calculates whichever one wins, the one with a higher war value haveing a higher chance of winning. The loser loses 10% of his original total health amount of people. Then it calculates again. The loser loses 10% of his original war value until it is compleatly gone. You may retreat whenever you want. Each round lasts 1 real day, and at the end of every round I say which units (based off war value lost) have died.

Your caravans aren't just numbers, they travel through the outskirts, so its a simple matter for any player to attack them, its up to you to defend your caravans, a caravan can have as many people aroung it as you want, players, NPC Units, you simply have to link the NPC to the caravan by saying something like: "5 Soldiers accompany caravans" in pm to me and I will modify your village management page. You have to make sure you have the proper amount of soldiers though. To send a player simply PM the player from your village to protect the caravans, and maybe pay him some game money. Leaving your caravans undefended can get them attacked. If it gets attacked, and broken during a fight, the person who broke it will get the current shipment ($) from it. Also, you will not get that money for the next time I update your Vault's money.

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PostSubject: Re: Secondary Guide   

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Secondary Guide
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