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 Training Strength Feeble to Weak Done training

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Number of posts : 215
Age : 24
Localisation : Hidden Mist
Registration date : 2007-03-17

Ninja Scroll
Name: Seigeti
Village: Mist
Level: 13

PostSubject: Training Strength Feeble to Weak Done training   Sun Mar 18, 2007 2:35 pm

the next day puppet woke up and felt kindof werid but he still felt good enough to go train so he went outsid and when he went outside and went to his training place someone was there hitting down trees then he saw puppet and ran off and when puppet went over to the place the person was hitting he then saw a werid mark like a family crest symbol but since puppet didnt know what it was he left it alone but for some reason he thought he remembered it from somewhere then he walked to a place that would be good for a couple rock throws then he looked around for a rock and found one then he picked it up and tried to throw it fifty feet but when he measured it is was only thirty then he went back and tried again and this time he got a little farther this time he got thirty-five which wasnt much better so then he grabbed it again and this time he threw it with one and only tired to throw it forty and when he measured it this time it was forty-three not forty then he thought that he should try it again with both hands which he does and this time he threw it fifty-seven feet which was good for him then he grabbed the rock and pretended that it was a baseball and threw it at a tree and made a dent then he grabbed the rock and again and tried to make it bigger but it hit right in the same spot and didnt make it a bit bigger so then he tried again and didnt hit in the place he just hit this time he hit in a different spot which made it bigger then he grabbed the rock again and this time he didnt throw it at a tree he threw it in a river because he wanted to see how high of a splash he could make he made it ten feet which he wasnt going for he was going for fifteen then he grabbed another rock and did the same thing which this time made as big of a splash that he wanted then he looked up in the sky and saw that there was barely any sun left so then he grabbed the rock and chucked it at the tree again and hit it dead in the center again then he grabbed the rock again and threw it again but this time missed and hit the one with a sign on it then puppet went up to it again and looked at it before he left and he thought he knew about it from somewhere then he went and grabbed another rock and threw it at the sign again and again and again until it was gone then he did some push-ups then he left and went home and when he got home there was a sign on the tree next to his house so he grabbed out his kunai and marked threw it then he went inside his house and when he was inside he thought he heard movement outside then he went into his room and went to sleep and while he was sleeping he keep seeing those marks then he heard someone start talking and said that it is a forbidden seal and then he heard someone else say its from someone evil but who?then he heard someone laughing then he saw two men dead and one who was in the shadows but he couldnt see his face then puppet woke up but fell back to sleep automaticly but didnt have the same dream

Done training

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Number of posts : 2933
Age : 24
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Ninja Scroll
Name: Suta
Village: Hidden Leaf
Level: 97

PostSubject: Re: Training Strength Feeble to Weak Done training   Sun Mar 18, 2007 2:58 pm

Huh... this is strength... not speed... if you want to raise your speed then make a new post or edit this one. But if you want strength then you can get it for this.

Word count: 617, you can raise your strngth from feeble to weak, if you want.

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Training Strength Feeble to Weak Done training
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